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Tomás Ford (Live) AKA Things Are Gonna Get Weird

If you've seen Tomás Ford perform before, then you'll know the sense of giddy excitement I felt when I saw the title of his new show. Weird done Tomás Ford's way is a delight and this performance certainly hit the mark. Tomás Ford (Live) AKA Things Are Gonna Get Weird is like his earlier show... Continue Reading →

The Natural Way of Things

It's International Women's Day and I thought it might be nice to write about words, in a book, that are written by a woman. Good idea, right? Charlotte Wood's The Natural Way of Things was an unputdownable book, for me. It wasn't that I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next, it was that I almost didn't... Continue Reading →

The End of Fringe

Well, it's happened. Fringe World is over for another year. It had to be this way, I know, but there is now somewhat of a void in my life. I saw over 50 performances and would have liked to write about more of them. It turns out that so many shows in four weeks - and... Continue Reading →

Stuart Bowden: A Series of Portraits

You know that feeling, when a room becomes another world? It’s as though everything else ceases to exist when the door closes. I get this feeling when I see Stuart Bowden’s performances and I think other people do too. Stuart Bowden: A Series of Portraits brings together five different shows – one per night –... Continue Reading →

Sami Shah: Alive

Perth has been missing Sami Shah. No, really, it’s true. He left us and moved to Melbourne about a year ago and things just haven’t been the same. But, the thrilling news is that he’s back for Fringe World 2017. This year’s stand-up show, Sami Shah: Alive, features Sami’s trademark observational humour and social commentary.... Continue Reading →

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