The End of Fringe

Well, it's happened. Fringe World is over for another year. It had to be this way, I know, but there is now somewhat of a void in my life. I saw over 50 performances and would have liked to write about more of them. It turns out that so many shows in four weeks - and... Continue Reading →


Stuart Bowden: A Series of Portraits

You know that feeling, when a room becomes another world? It’s as though everything else ceases to exist when the door closes. I get this feeling when I see Stuart Bowden’s performances and I think other people do too. Stuart Bowden: A Series of Portraits brings together five different shows – one per night –... Continue Reading →

Sami Shah: Alive

Perth has been missing Sami Shah. No, really, it’s true. He left us and moved to Melbourne about a year ago and things just haven’t been the same. But, the thrilling news is that he’s back for Fringe World 2017. This year’s stand-up show, Sami Shah: Alive, features Sami’s trademark observational humour and social commentary.... Continue Reading →

The True Fringe Experience

Fringe festivals are renowned for offering shows that reflect a huge array of genres. The range of experimental or alternative content is pretty broad, too. So, what exactly is the ultimate Fringe experience? To me, it's something that you wouldn't see in mainstream entertainment. I like performances that satisfy my insatiable hunger for relevant, honest, and conscious political... Continue Reading →

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