Tomás Ford (Live) AKA Things Are Gonna Get Weird

If you’ve seen Tomás Ford perform before, then you’ll know the sense of giddy excitement I felt when I saw the title of his new show.

Weird done Tomás Ford’s way is a delight and this performance certainly hit the mark.

Tomás Ford (Live) AKA Things Are Gonna Get Weird is like his earlier show Electric Cabaret turned up to eleven. Tomás flits around the room with the nervous verge-of-breakdown persona that we’ve come to know and love, presenting us with a range of original songs and playfully incorporated covers.

All of this has a new edge compared to what we’ve heard before. It’s raw, raucous and rambunctious. The accompanying visuals on-screen at the back of stage help to inject just a little extra weird, too.

By the end, the speakers are blown and the venue is in flames. Well, okay, not really. But this show is that nuts that I wouldn’t be surprised.

Now, I’m going to break my own rule for a moment and talk about the venue. Why? Because Tomás uses venues in such an exciting way that it does seem pretty relevant to the experience of the show. So, here goes:

This time around, the show was at the Four5Nine bar. This small venue is tucked away inside the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth.

My first thought upon entering, seeing that it was set up with the usual tall tables and chairs, was: how is he going to launch himself through the audience at a moment’s notice? There are no rows of chairs to scramble over here. (If you’re lost at this point, you clearly need to go and see this guy perform.)

Of course, I was not disappointed. Not only did he almost run a lap around the exterior of the room while singing, but he also managed to scale the bar, leap off the stage – not at the easy end, I might add, but over the foldback – and generally put himself in the faces of his audience members.

We love that, by the way. A performer that demands eye-contact while sing-yelling in a circle that they’ve convinced the audience to form is to be respected.

Seeing Tomás perform his electronic-punk-audiovisual-extravaganza shows is always a thrill, but Tomás Ford (Live) AKA Things Are Gonna Get Weird takes it to a whole new level.

Star ratings, as you know, are reductive in my opinion. But, if I had to give one, I’d give this show five.



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